Adult Liturgical Funeral Assistants

  • Adult Funeral Liturgical Assistants


    A funeral liturgical assistant is basically an adult altar who is willing to serve at funerals during the week.  Having a server at a funeral Mass is a great help to the celebrant and also provides a parish presence to the family and friends of the deceased. 


    Prepare the altar, including preparation table, ciboria, wine, water, gifts, chalice, candles, and incense; answer queries of any visiting priest as necessary; lead the entrance procession and recessional, as a cross-bearer at funerals; be prepared to serve as lector and/or Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist; requires appropriate dress for the solemnity of the occasion. 


    Practicing Catholic who is willing to assist the celebrant at funerals and, if needed, also serve as a lector and/or Eucharistic Minister.


    Will be provided.

    Time Commitment:

    Depends on how many funerals and how many volunteers available.  Most likely, not more than once a week.