Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is an advisory body of representative parishioners who assist the Pastor in his role as shepherd of the People of God. By actively participating in the Parish functions and attending Council meetings, the members have an awareness of all ministries, allowing them to act as the Pastor's closest advisory group. The Council helps envision, plan, oversee, and evaluate Parish activities consistent within the guidelines and visions of the Parish.

Meeting Location:

Parish Center Dining Room

PPC Members:

Bill Forbes Anne Hackett David Cesar Erica Finn Sr. Mary Samson
Jason O'Brien Marie Ryan Marie Sweeney Mike Tarmey


To assist in the pastoral planning and leadership, serving as the closest advisory group to the Pastor


- actively participate in Parish functions and attend Council meetings
- envision, plan, oversee, and evaluate Parish activities consistent with the Parish vision


- person of faith
- confirmed, registered parishioner
- committed to Parish vision
- dependable, committed, flexible
- a creative thinker


Pastor and Chair will provide and arrange training as needed and appropriate

Time of Ministry:

Minimum of 6 hours monthly on average, which includes preparation for and attendance at meetings and other Parish activities. Meetings are scheduled for the third Sunday of each month, from 5:00-7:00pm

Parish Address: 46 Myrtle Street, Melrose MA 02176
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