Confirmation Preparation

Prepare Confirmation Candidates for the sacrament of Confirmation

Meeting Location:

Regular meetings are held in the lower Church Hall and the chapel. The Parish Center is used for service projects, retreats, and gatherings.


Help candidates more fully discover their faith through God and the importance of growing and sharing that faith within their family and community, and how their life within the Church community plays a crucial role in their spiritual development.


Provide guidance, focus, and faith sharing with the candidates in a small group discussion format as the group leader. Materials and class topics are provided in advance. Retreat group leaders simply share in the days' retreat activities with a small group (no more than six) candidates.


CORI screened, confirmed Catholic who is active in our faith. The volunteer must have a willingness to openly share his/her faith and how that faith makes a difference in the volunteer's life. It is important that the small group leader takes part in the discussion and does not simply facilitate. Understanding of the ups and downs of small group work with teenagers.


A training and informational class will be scheduled prior to the commencing of the program at the beginning of each academic year. A quick group meeting at the start of class to discuss the current material and how it will be presented. Additionally, another retreat leader training/discussion class is held to assist retreat leaders. Other training offered as needed.

Time of Ministry:

Typically first and last Sunday of each month from 6:00pm-7:30pm, approximately 16-17 classes including the rehearsal class. Retreats are held in-house on a Saturday and conclude with 4:00pm Mass, dates provided in advance. Training classes are coordinated at the beginning of the cycle.

Length of Commitment:

A small group leader commits 25-30 hours from October to May yearly. A retreat leader commits to the 8 hours of the retreat.

Parish Address: 46 Myrtle Street, Melrose MA 02176
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